35w stainless steel underwater pool light
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35w stainless steel underwater pool light 


LED Fixture:

Main Material:                      316 Stainless Steel

Mode:                                GL-Stainless Steel Pool Light

Type LEDs                         Taiwan High brightness F5

Max. energy consumption     18W / 24W / 35W / 40W

Color temperatures              Daylight white (6500K)  Warm white (3250K)  Red  Blue  Green  Yellow

Protection class                   IPx8

Max. water temperature       40°C

Max. installation depth          10m

Dimesnions                        ø 250 mm x 25 mm

Cable length fixture            3m (2x0.75mm2)

Warranty                          3 years


LED Driver/Power supply:

AC input                         12/24 Vac or 100 - 240Vac

DC output                       24Vdc

Working temperature        -20°C to +40°C

Max. Cable length             100m. (2x0.75mm² cable)

Protections Short circuit/Overload/Overvoltage/Waterproof IP66/SELV equivalent/



Simple Introduction:


1. Material : 316Stainless Steel/ 304 Stainless Steel,

                    equipped with F5 Ultra-High-Brightness LEDs.

2. Input Voltage: AC 12V (safety voltage for humen being)

3. Projection angle rang: 25 degrees to 60 degrees optional, The body working operation temperature<65 degrees.

4. Color: RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE and RGB. ,etc

5. RGB Changing Mode: Seven Color gradual changing, Jumping changing, and others.

6. Lifespan: More than 30,000 hours, Low power consumption, Environmental protection friendly.

7. IP protection: IPx8.



Replace Par56 swimming Pool lights withour using the niche


Best Quality:

1. We use the Taiwan Chip for every F5 LED ensure the Higher light intensity and longer Lifespan.

2. We equipped the customized driver which provides Par56 pool bulbs with constantly electricity and makes sure every single LED allocated the same current and under the rate current.



Widely applied into many fields like: Garden fountains, Squares surface, Water Column surface, Swimming Pool, Pond, Lake, etc.

Perfectly replace the original PAR56 Pool Light which generally in use.